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The Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (VIPA) is a global trade association representing companies that manufacture and supply equipment and materials to the Vacuum Insulation Panel industry.
VIPA’s mission is to promote quality and raise awareness about the potential for saving space, energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

This aspect of sustainability and also versatility of insulation panels, were the main focus in designing the branding elements and the animation in the landing page.

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Concept & Brand


We took care of the redesign of the brand, of the visual identity assets and of the development of a new website. VIPA’s goal was in fact to equip itself with a set of templates and materials for communicate with their members and public institutions.



The new logo has been designed to fully represent the meaning of the latest generation of insulation panels. Two overlapping panel layers reveal a leaf shape between them, a symbol of ecology and respect for the environment.



To add movement to the new website in development, we drew and animated an illustration to welcome the users. It summarizes and presents the features of the insulation panels, their main applications and how this technology already exists today around us, in our cities and means of transport.

In addition to the main animation of the landing page, we made a few animated versions of the new logo, used as a dynamic element in the header and as the page loader.

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