Happiness Day

Meyer Foundation

What is happiness? It is a shared goal and a key value for all people, which would deserve more than just one day of celebration! Meyer Foundation asked for our help to explain this concept to a young audience, and we contributed by creating a simple and colorful animated video.

Representing Happiness

The real challenge was finding a visual representation for happiness, an abstract concept that was not easy to portray. Thanks to the collaborative effort with the Meyer team, we were able to tackle this challenge. We proposed an illustration style that suited the copy and the target audience: young people. The video was created to kick off the inauguration day of the new Youth Mental Health facility. It was well welcomed by the audience, and later spread among middle and high schools students for dissemination, encouraging constructive conversations on the topic.

Many Shapes for one Emotion

We created a set of illustrated characters using simple shapes and bright colors. These characters support the storytelling, representing diversity in approaching positive emotions. The color palette is varied, playful and super friendly.

Il cliente

Meyer Foundation

The Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence is one of the most prominent hospitals in Europe when it comes to the care, well-being and scientific research for children. The Meyer Foundation is responsible for communicating all the initiatives and events for the hospital.