Founded in 1854, Teatro Verdi is one of the most influential theatre in Tuscany. Located in the heart of Florence, in the Santa Croce area, it hosts different kind of shows, events and concerts. In 1988 the theatre became property of Orchestra della Toscana, which has its permanent headquarters.

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Teatro Verdi brand new website was designed as a point of reference for both young and adult audience. It has a fresh, intuitive, user friendly interface which preserves its cultural and institutional shades.

We decided to address the navigation towards the program page, which is included in the menu. The latter offers two options: program and other topics pages.

We thought about this content structure in order to attract users attention and guide their navigation at the same time. Other topics as menu item is pretty unusual, isn’t it?


THE STRUCTURE has a responsive structure and it is optimized for every browser. We developed it using HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery framework.

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