TCO Calculator


The project


ERA Total Cost of Ownership Calculator is an innovative digital tool that enables customers to efficiently plan their fleet. As part of European Rental Association calculators, we involved all of our UI/UX expertise to make it real, daily collaborating with our partners Alias2k for its development.

Predict costs, optimize investments


Comparing the final cost of your purchase, rental, operating and financial leasing is the most interesting service offered by the TCO tool. Customers just need to fill in all data related to their items to calculate their usage timing, movements, fixed and variable costs. Customers will also be able to forecast final costs while filling in the forms.

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_ Palette

How it works


Each calculator’s line offers two different ways of adding data, combining a classic editable comment box with a range slider where customers can select and drag the cursor on the chosen value. Its interface, which is developed with Angular, will adapt the value of other items in real time. These values are connected to each other thanks to a causal correlation that modifies the limit values ​​and the relationships between the four purposes in question.

The structure


TCO is a single page application, both mobile and desktop, that allows customers to save and share their calculations results, activating or deactivating four kinds of ownership available. The palette is simple and dedicates its four main colors to each kind of ownership, its interface is therefore chromatically very clean helping users to better focus their attention on actions and results of their calculation process.

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