Sightseeing Experience

2021 - today
Sightseeing Experience srl

Every day, a huge number of tourists trust Sightseeing Experience's offer of tours and activities. We support them for their digital, print and on-site communication, providing with clear and attractive messages.

Discovering the Country

The graphics use iconic images of Italian art and vibrant brand colors to promote its tours offering. The challenge is always to adapt a lot of data and information in different formats, from large displays to pocket-sized brochures.


A challenging goal was to revamp the company’s info points. We created forex panels, roll-ups and other promotional materials. We also supported the printing and on-site installation process.

Infopoint Via Cavour, Firenze

Infopoint Santa Maria Novella, Firenze

Infopoint Torino

Sightseeing Experience

Sightseeing Experience is a tour operator that offers excursions, guided tours, and activities to explore the country using a unique and iconic means of transportation: the red double-decker bus.