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The new face of Italian dance


One of the largest events in the world entirely dedicated to dance, Danzainfiera has for years been a point of reference for anyone who practices or wants to approach dance in all its forms. We took care of its logo redesign, the development of a brand new website including all the communications and graphic support for the organization of DIF 2020.

The project


We took care of DIF 2020 event starting from the proposal of a creative new concept. We then guided its development identifying its subject, casting the perfect interpreters, shooting in collaboration with the photographer Mauro Puccini and creating the final visual identity with dedicated fonts and color palette. We took care of adapting DIF graphics to different formats, printing and delivering them to the live event.

_ Font


_ Palette

A DIFferent typeface


We designed DIF new logo starting from the analysis of the identity of the old one, which has been a well-known brand in the industry so far. We then corrected its typographical imperfections and proposed a new version that features consistent lines, a correct kerning together with an overall sense of harmony reminiscent of dance steps and movements.
DIF brand manual includes detailed indications for use and specific practices to follow in order to respect the balance of DIF new logo. We also designed its animated version to be used in DIF website for loading processes and transitions from an extended version to a compressed one.

Make it possible


We designed the visual of the 2020 edition starting from the official payoff “Make it possible”. We wanted to emphasize how much commitment and perseverance are essential in the personal growth. The graphics revolve around the two figures of a little girl and a grown up girl, who ideally represent the same person. She grew up during the 15 years covered by the editions of Danzainfiera to become a professional dancer. The different colors used to distinguish the two figures were then used within the multiple graphic formats.

Make it easy


DIF new website was designed after an accurate UX/UI analysis based on data of the last 15 years’ events. The user experience is now crystal clear guiding to a simpler and quicker consultation of the agenda, booking and purchase of tickets. We designed DIF website interface with the aim of adapting it to future events with an easy to update layout. The integrated WordPress CMS guarantees a wide range of customizations and allows independent maintenance over time.

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