Danzainfiera has been a point of reference for dancers for a lot of years. For the 2020 edition, we took care of redesigning the logo, developing the new website, and providing graphic and communication support for one of the world's largest dance events.

Bringing in something new

We supported the event planning from its initial concept. We identified its theme, cast suitable performers, managed a photoshoot, and created the final visual design with appropriate fonts and color palettes. We adapted the graphics for all promotional material and communication purposes, including exporting and delivering printed materials at the fair.

A DIFferent Character

We developed the new logo based on the brand previous identity, which had already become a well-known reality in the industry. We corrected typographic imperfections to create a new version of the logo, which features consistent lines, corrected outline, and an overall sense of harmony that recalls the steps and movements of dance.

Make it possible

Together with its visual identity, we created the brand’s official slogan “Make it possible.” The idea was to emphasize the importance of dedication and perseverance for personal and professional growth. The graphics shows two figures: a little girl and a young woman – now a professional dancer – who ideally represent the same person, growing over the 15 years covered by the editions of Danzainfiera. The two different colours used to distinguish the figures were then incorporated into various graphic variations.

Make it easy

The new site was designed after a careful UX/UI analysis phase, based on its 15 previous editions data. The user experience is now clear leading easily through upcoming events, booking, and purchasing admission tickets. The website interface is also designed to adapt to future events, with a layout that can be easily modified and updated from year to year. The integrated WordPress CMS guarantees a wide range of customizations and independent maintenance over time.


Danzainfiera is a well known brand in the events industry dedicated to dance. The format has been in operation since 2005 and has attracted thousands of visitors.