Murate Art District

A new structure dedicated to contemporary art in the heart of Florence, with the need for a fresh and unique identity that sets it apart from Renaissance art. We built a brand from the ground up, starting with the naming, logo, overall visual identity, and culminating in the website. MAD offers exhibitions, performances, and workshops, serving as both an artistic production center for the city and a platform for engaging with the city.

Art like MAD

The new identity begins with a new name, which is how MAD, short for Murate Art District, was born. It is a concise name that represents contemporary art and its unpredictability.

The logo, composed of a pattern of rotating squares, reinforces this progressive and constant change.

We selected a color palette of three vibrant colors that are close to the base tones of the RGB spectrum. These three bold colors represent change and fluidity, setting MAD’s communication apart from other entities in the area and adding dynamism while maintaining recognizability.

We then applied the graphic elements to all the necessary formats to complete MAD’s visual identity, and prepared various templates to support future events hosted or organized by the new brand.

New day, new website

The website design is aligned with the new graphic identity, with information organized in a clear and functional user experience (UX). Important details such as opening hours and relevant information are presented in an accessible manner. The primary color is automatically chosen by the system with each new website load, reinforcing the brand’s dynamism.

The CMS WordPress includes a page composer that offers extensive customization options within each page, enabling easy and independent maintenance over time.

MAD - Archival Platform

We have created a digital archive capable of collecting all the website’s content, providing users with access to every video, artwork, gallery, or artist biography outside of their original context. The Archival Platform automatically organizes the information based on taxonomic criteria, allowing curators to enhance the data through specific tags and categories, resulting in well-curated search results.

The client

Murate Art District

MAD is a cultural district, a space for creation and residence dedicated to contemporary artistic languages, open to artists of all ages and backgrounds. Located in the former convent of the Murate, a former city prison, MAD inherits the memory of the monumental complex and reactivates it through the presence of artists who inhabit it daily, making it a place of freedom and exploration.