MAD – Murate Art District

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Art like mad


We did not create MAD from scratch. We already knew the district taking care of contemporary art exhibitions and we wanted to enhance its naming, values and mission through a powerful visual and digital identity. Art like Mad is a strong payoff and a message we wanted to spread as we truly believe in the power of contemporary culture. As of now, MAD counts lots of exhibitions, meetings, performances and workshops.



MAD stands for Murate Art District which perfectly describes the goal of the art district, while MAD as an acronym conveys the sense of unpredictability of contemporary art.
Its logo is composed by a pattern of rotating squares, reinforcing the concept of progressive and steady change.

_ Font

HK Grotesk

_ Palette

Logo & palette


To better summarize the new structure’s concept and vocation towards contemporary art, we chose a palette of three colors which are close to the basic shades of the RGB spectrum.
MAD’s three bright colors distinguish its communication strategy and appeal from competitors suggesting dynamism to the digital graphics.
We then declined the graphics in all the formats needed for its coordinated image and created several templates to support all future events.



We developed MAD website according to its brand-new visual identity. UX perfectly presents a clear and strategic organization of information: the opening hours are always visible, while other contents populate the layouts when needed as well as quick links that only appear when necessary. Backgrounds, highlights and calls to action are included in a wider system that changes its color at every loading. The WordPress CMS includes a page composer that guarantees a broad range of customizations and allows independent and simple maintenance over time.

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