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Giuneco is a software house active since 2006 and based in the heart of Florence.
The company mainly deals with IT consultancy and software development, with particular attention to mobility software and the continuous training of its team.
A growing reality that needed a new digital image for the Corporate website and for the three correlated blogs.



We started from the stylistic line of the brand, trying to enhance its essential graphic through a simple and clean layout, which leaves room for the multiple animated illustrations. They’re very useful for introducing the main pages, describing the services and highlighting the main Calls to Action.
We also improved the layout with blocks capable of satisfying all the main usage options and a lateral mega-menu that guides the user towards highlighted pages and content.



To host the various souls of Giuneco’s new digital structure, we have developed a single WordPress backoffice from which you can access all four connected front-ends.
In this way it’s possible to optimize the management of the Corporate website as well as the three connected blogs for the better, and so maintaining in the user the sensation of being connected to the same brand even if logo and reference palette change.



To introduce the user to the Giuneco’s world and accompany him/her through the website, we have created multiple animated scenes that highlight and underline the meaning of the company’s work: transforming ideas into projects and problems into solutions.

Each illustration was designed by declining the main style and palette, and animated with Adobe After Effect following a loop, especially useful for accompanying navigation in a fluid way.

The final graphics were optamized and exported to garantee a better quality web integration thanks to the Json format.




Connected to the main website, but independent from it, the three Giuneco’s blogs focus on specific transversal topics connected to the know-how acquired by the company over the years.

Like the Dorothy program, that aim at promoting the reduction of the gender gap in the world of information technology in every possible way. Or the blogs Giuneco Tech and Giuneco Business, created to share the latest news, insights and good practices useful for the digital management of your business.


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