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The project


The AtlaS.WH – Heritage in the Atlantic Area project addresses the issues of sustainability of Urban World Heritage Sites and aims to create a network of cities and urban World Heritage Sites (WHS) to face some common challenges.
The main target of the AtlaS.WH project is to protect the identity of WHS while enhancing their cultural heritage in order to encourage economic development and promote cultural heritage.

Look outside, it’s spring!


To support the 2021 edition, which was held entirely by distance, we illustrated a view of Florence from thr inside a typical three-arched window, very common in the historic buildings of the city center, in the early spring season.
The window – surrounded by a composition of frames and a classic molding – stands out from everything else and thus underlines its central role in the visual. Florence becomes a real work of art.

_ Font


_ Palette

A noble palette


To color the illustration we expanded the official AtlaS.WH palette, made from blue and golden yellow. The multiple shades result from these two primary ones allowed us to enrich the illustration, highlighting the salient features of the city center of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the monuments that characterize it.

Inside the clouds


We gave life to the scene by animating the passage of the clouds and the their disappearance once they enter the window. We chose a simple animation that was not visually heavy precisely to facilitate its use as a support video and introduction to online meetings, as well as in the landing page of the website and on the social platforms. Instead the frames composition was used as the official backdrop for the meeting participants.

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