700 Dante

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The great poet


Durante Alighieri, called Dante, represented a turning point not only for Italian literature and culture, but especially for the use of the vernacular in a written poem for the first time ever. His Divine Comedy is the basis of the Italian language as we know it today.

The project


On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death, we supported the official celebrations of the Municipality of Florence by developing the logo, the visual identity, the animated illustration and the website dedicated to the events scheduled throughout 2021.

_ Font


_ Palette



The palette is inspired by the color combo that appeared on the Alighieri’s family crest, a yellow wing on a blue background. Starting from these two shades we have developed a wider range of gradations, then applied to the illustration that is the center of the visual.



For the event we created an illustration that could represent Dante and Virgilio on their journey from Hell to Heaven, connecting the story told in the Comedy with the skyline of the city of Florence that is visible on the right. Then with the motion graphics we gave dynamism to the scene that guides the user until the official logo appears.

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