A leading brand in the personal protective equipment market needed to refresh its identity, which was no longer keeping pace with the company's international growth. We redesigned the entire corporate identity, from the logo and visuals to the website. The result is a modern and elegant brand, with a clear and professional style, in line with the company's history and future expectations.

A new logo

After analysing the history and journey of a company that is now over 70 years old, the first step was to redesign the logo. We decided to propose a more dynamic use of it in two different variants, the full one and the monogram alone. In both cases, the logo had to remain recognisable and the condensed form had to become the trademark for many of the planned visual declinations. The final version evolved in colours and geometric shapes, simple and clean. The animations provided with the main suite make the logo even fresher and more dynamic. Given the breadth of Unigum’s services, we have included two declinations of the main logo to give identity to the training courses and workshops offered.


We immediately started using the new corporate identity in all formats. This was evident in the design of the business cards, where we include the distinctive diagonal cut of the new logo.

We also decided to include a customised QR code on each business card, linked to the digital contact, from where it will be possible to save it to the address book or continue with shortcuts for a phone call or email. The fact that most info contacts are on the digital card will minimise the need for reprinting, allowing updates and maintenance directly from a WordPress-based platform linked to the new website.

The new visual identity also includes NFC business cards, each with a different, recognisable and unique design.


We have created an extraordinary illustration that celebrates the company’s most relevant features, from training initiatives to promote the conscious use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to the products themselves offered by the company, including gloves, helmets, boots and masks.

The monogram includes the company’s most significant marketing sectors, as well as the initiative ‘Take care of yourself, you are a work of art’, with which Unigum has been taking up globally recognised works of art for years. For example, Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Lady with an Ermine’ now wears an FFP2 mask, conveying refined responsibility and timeless safety. This illustration was then animated, mainly to find its place on the homepage of the new corporate website, with a multitude of details coming to life in a fascinating loop.

This particular format within the new visual identity not only reinforces the company’s visual identity but also expresses its creativity and commitment to representing the core business in a unique and engaging way.

Boxes and shipping

The new corporate identity and the ‘U’ monogram permeated every aspect of the company, including logistical details. On ready-to-ship parcels, the graphics emphasise the ‘U’ cut, while customised packaging tapes add a distinctive touch to each prepared parcel. Even the cellophane used to wrap the parcels before shipping was branded.

Each element of this identity has been curated to create visual uniformity and convey quality and attention to detail from order to delivery.


We include the distinctive graphics and patterns on each page of the new corporate website, balancing the different modules and then inserted the animated illustration of the U directly on the home page, making the website landing dynamic and strongly identity-driven. The website was developed using the WordPress CMS, which allows the Unigum team to update contents completely autonomously. Every detail has been designed to reflect the quality and innovation that the company represents, offering an engaging and well-organised online experience.

Unigum S.p.a.

A company that has been active for 70 years, first in Florence and then nationwide, Unigum provides companies and industries with the best solutions for worker and environmental safety.