Matteotti headquarter – Kindergarten

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Kindergarten is a paritaria bilingual Italian/English school that has been in activity since 1973. Kindergarten is a nursery school with two sections, a pre-school with three bilingual sections and three bilingual international sections, a bilingual elementary school and a bilingual international middle school. The institute is a Cambridge International School since 2016.

We created dedicated illustrations to interior design the school external and internal areas in order to give consistency to its image and values.

This triptych was thought for primary school students. We truly wanted to convey the key messages/payoffs – learn, discover, share – to a very young audience, emphasizing them with quotations of men and women who made a difference in history. We chose a flat, friendly and comfortable palette and elements for the graphics.

For this series we used the same payoffs with different quotations to better attract older students. We also changed the illustrations trying to create artworks which could represent their longing and interest to discover the world.

TYPO series
Designed to be an incentive for middle school students, the Typo series uses powerful words. We chose three concepts which could represent Kindergarten values as a bilingual institute: three interesting meanings to stimulate young students.

CLASSIC series
A synergy of elements to show bilingualism and the school connection with the English language, Cambridge and London.

Bilingualism poster
It was design as a vade mecum, a list of benefits of bilingualism in order to encourage students to continue with their international program.

Two bridges poster
We played with two iconic elements – London Bridge and Florence Ponte Vecchio – in order to show a distinctive connection between the two realities.

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