FYP – Follow Your Pet

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The client


Exposervice is a leading company in the trade show supplying industry. For ten years the company has organized Danzainfiera, which is one of the most famous Italian events dedicated to the world of dance. Thanks to their expertise in events planning, Exposervice kicked off the first edition of the biggest event in the region dedicated to pets.

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The project


FYP is indeed an event dedicated to all pets as well as their lovers, and to companies operating in this field. We decided to name the event using a simple and easy to pronounce acronym which could summarize its key value: FYP stands for Follow Your Pet.
We developed the event visual identity from its logo to the storytelling, which was adapted to any kind of promotional material such as brochures, cards, posters and digital invitations and banners.

We chose to create friendly and colorful illustrations where humans and their pets are playing together and taking care of each other.

We also designed the event website, starting from UI/UX analysis.

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