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REACT-EU is one of the most important and ambitious actions within the Next Generation EU plan.
It aims to accomplish new projects to face the multiple crises caused by the pandemic, by investing in a greener, more digital and resilient economy.
Part of the funds were intended for the improvement of our city: Florence!

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The project


The European Union has allocated to the city of Florence over 80 million euros to help it recover from the crisis caused by the pandemic. The funds are part of the Pon Metropolitan City 2014-2020 investment plan.
These funds will be used to carry out mutiple operations into the city in 4 specific areas of action: green and circular economy; transport and infrastructure; digital; sport, culture, youth and social.
We took care of the entire visual identity and motion graphics of the Mayor’s official presentation which took place in the Sala d’Arme inside Palazzo Vecchio.
The room has seven large arches along the three front walls, where all the graphics, videos and slides were projected.




We have selected very specific colors to represent the 4 categories: obviously green for the sustainability and green economy sector; a lively orange to communicate the dynamism of transport; light blue to identify the digital world; finally, a cheerful yellow to represent sport, culture, young people and society.
The illustrations of each category use simple, geometric and monochromatic shapes to compose the multiple elements that populates them. This way, the animations, placed side by side, are harmonious and well balanced with each other, creating a pleasant and impactful environment, without being excessive.



The animations are composed by little elements that represent each category: the simple and geometric shapes of the graphics make each object well recognizable and identifiable.
All the animations form small playful loops that are pleasing to the eyes of the audience, without distracting the attention from the speakers in the center of the room.

React-EU explainer video


We also supported the presentation by creating an animated video that would introduce all the topics covered, launching the speech by the Mayor Dario Nardella that came next.
The clarity of the video made it easy to understand the multiple investments of resources to make the city more sustainable, digital and on a human scale.

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