F – Light 2020

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Firenze Light Festival


F-light (Firenze Light Festival) is an annual event that takes place in the historic center of Florence between december and january.
During this event, various buildings and monuments of the city will transform their surfaces through suggestive plays of light.

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From the dark forest …


For the 2020 edition the festival is entitled Sight. From the dark forest to the light, in homage to Dante Alighieri (700th anniversary of his death) and to the desire of revenge of each of us.
Never like this year, light does not want to be just a decoration of the urban space, but a metaphor of rebirth and hope for the future.

… to the light


The illustration has as protagonists the buildings of the Florentine city characterized by bright colors which, in contrast with the dark forest that surrounds it, emphasize this symbolic passage.

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