Dr. Vranjes

Dr. Vranjes needed a new e-commerce to be easily managed and updated according to the company needs. It had to be professional and communicate its corporate storytelling, values and perspectives.

A website that smells like new

The structure of the new e-commerce was designed to provide users with an intuitive and effective experience to purchases, thanks to a clear booking process from landing to checkout. The website layout is developed to highlight the brand’s identity, making it immediately recognizable and familiar even to those who usually shop in-store.


We analyzed the website flows and took care of the design of all screens, while our developer team friends from Alias2k were responsible for developing its structure with Magento. It’s worth noting the multisite approach used to manage pricing and different stores all over the world.

A true corporate website

The website include detailed product and shopping information. The layout has an elegant design which communicates the brand values without the constraints and requirements of a sales platform.

The client

Dr. Vranjes

For 40 years, Dr. Vranjes Firenze has captured the elegance of Florence, its artisanal tradition and the art of perfumery in a bottle. By offering a multi sensory approach to life, Dr. Vranjes creates fragrances for both environment and personal uses, embodying the essence of Florence’s rich cultural heritage.