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The client


Florence is the place of birth of the Renaissance and UNESCO world heritage site.
It is universally recognized as the cradle of art and architecture, and as one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to its numerous monuments and museums.

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League Gothic / Lobster

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The project


Becycle was our first job. As an evergreen communication campaign, it has the aim of promoting bicycles as healthier and more ecological means of transportation to be used in the city.
The campaign was developed on three different subjects, designed to emphasize the special connection between cyclists and their bicycles.

We developed the website and a web app – both connected with the Municipality open data – including detailed maps of the city suggesting nearest racks, fountains or bike paths.

For the World Cycling Championships which took place in Florence, we contributed organizing the official info point, designing graphics contents and creating Becycle brand and campaign, creating the urban cyclist vademecum with useful tips for a safe ride in the city.

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